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Credit Card Processing

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Transform your website into a virtual storefront. Empowered Point of Sale processes thousands of online payments daily for merchants across the business world. Let us get you set up and help you with your online gateway credit card processing.


All Smartphone users have been instantly converted into credit/debit Visa/MasterCard processing merchants. Now you can take payments where your business takes you. Go Mobile with Empowered Processing with the power to process in the palm of your hand.


Wireless credit card processing opens merchants up to accepting payment wherever they do business. If you sell at outdoor venues, sporting events, kiosks, food carts, open markets or wherever traditional connectivity is a problem, wireless has got you covered.


Empowered Point of Sale delivers payment solutions and products that solve for today€ššš€ššžs confusion and prepare you for the future. A leading provider of payment & credit card processing services since 1999 with exemplary, unparalleled customer service.


Get paid a surcharge revenue for giving people money to spend in your location. Giving it right back to you when purchasing your merchandise!

0% Cash Discount Program

The 0% CASH DISCOUNT PROGRAM will save you thousands by eliminating credit card processing fees. With the Cash Discount Program, you will not be charged a percentage rate or transaction fee on ANY card you take. Whatever your statement shows as TOTAL FEES CHARGED IS THE SAVINGS THAT YOU WILL SEE when you join the Cash Discount Program. Cash Discount pricing, often referred to as a "No Brainer", will raise your bottom line and increase profit margins significantly! Why should you make less on an inspection because the customer pays with a credit card?
The Cash Discount Program offer is very popular right now with many merchants for obvious reasons. Retail storefronts, restaurants, eCommerce and contractors all take advantage of this new way to cost-effectively accept debit/credit card payments wiping out all the merchants processing cost. Why is it called the Cash Discount Program? Because when a customer pays you with cash, they won't have to pay the processing cost associated with using the card. Either they will pay you with cash or pay the processing cost. Either way you win!

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