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Its now time to open the door to stronger sales, Grow your customer base and expand your business by accepting all credit and debit cards!

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Empowered Point of Sale, Inc.

Empowered Point of Sale, Inc.

Founded on the principle that businesses should be able to receive free credit card machines while opening merchant accounts and at the same time, get the lowest rates, receive superior service and impeccable support. It was an aggressive position at the time, but one that led to major change in the industry.

Free credit card system with the Lowest guaranteed rates on the planet with Impeccable Service and Support!

Our vision is to revolutionize the payments solution industry by providing innovative technology solutions and transparent services to simplify and increase the flexibility and value associated with the merchant-customer payment process and experience.

Empowered Point of Sale, Inc. offers a full comprehensive line of free payment solutions. We offer all credit card, debit card and check acceptance for all types of businesses including all Traditional Retail Storefronts, Wireless, Service Industries, Mail Order/Telephone Order, Government Agencies, Hospitality/Hotel, Churches/Schools, Trade Groups/Associations,  Supermarket/Grocery, Petroleum/Convenience Stores, Internet and Restaurants.

Empowered Point of Sale, Inc. offers a FREE comprehensive line of processing solutions including:

        Landlines with optional check guarantee imager
        Wireless systems for in the field transactions
        Electronic cash resisters POS systems for Restaurants
        E-commerce for gateway website transactions
        Smartphone credit card swipers
        Virtual systems for keying in online
        Recurring billing for account receivables
        ATM machines

Get a FREE! credit card processing system or internet payment gateway

All you need to do is sign up for a merchant account. Our credit card systems and payment gateways come fully programmed and ready to accept credit cards right out of the box. Our merchant accounts are the best value in payment processing with low, easy-to-understand rates that save you money. So whether you're looking for retail credit card processing or internet credit card processing, we've got you covered. Here is an opportunity to take part in Visa/MasterCard, Empowered Point of Sale, Inc. free give away program a total $1000.00 value. That's correct it's absolutely free with no upfront or out of pocket cash, no four year lease with a 10% buyout, no application, activation or service fee’s. Visa/MasterCard has a time proven science of strong added cash flow with multiple revenue streams and increased profits that you’ll discover for your business. Even the shipping, installation and training is free. Other free benefits include on going support 24/7, 365 days a year. GAA (Global access advantage) a llows you a free online status report of your processing anytime.

By accepting all forms of credit-debit payments you open multiple revenue streams at the same time creating convenient payment options for your clients and customers. You’ll build proven strong cash flow and increased profits for your business that lead directly into your bank account. It also gives you a very credible, grounded, established and professional impression. If promoted and managed right it should be a money maker, profit center statistically increasing your income after a ramp up period from 20 to 30%.

Empower your clients with the choice of several different payment options including American Express, Discover and debit also. Receive your money within days not weeks waiting for a check to clear. Be smart this is an important financial survival tool; it’s now do or die if you don’t accept credit cards. Realize that if you don’t accept credit cards, don’t worry your lost client/customer will find a company that does (meaning your competition). Nobody wants that, keep the money in your business. Make no mistake about it. Right now wherever you advertise your business if you don’t have a Visa/MasterCard logo on your ad you are losing money and business to your Competitor that does readily accept Visa/MasterCard.

Usually we sell these systems upfront for $1000.00 or lease them for $89.00 a month for 48 months totaling $4272.00 with a 10% buyout of $427.20.


Now a day’s people want air miles and all the perks associated with credit cards and the convenience of same-as-cash with debit cards. Some clients might like to spread their payments out over time and finance with a credit card payment plan while paying you all at once guaranteed. Thus giving them due time to pay it off gradually. The most important thing that you can obviously do is self PROMOTE, ADVERTISE AND MARKET the fact that you accept all forms of credit-debit payments. Whether you purchase a credit card system, lease one, rent one, find one, a family member gives you one or we give you a FREE one. Regardless you must pay Visa/MasterCard their processing fee. Whether your Wal-Mart, McDonalds or your company business you must pay Visa/MasterCard. It generally takes 24-48 hours to receive your funds depending on if its a holiday or weekend. However debit cards which will be 70% of your volume can be batched out immediately in real time.

We at Empowered Point of Sale, Inc. want you to highly succeed with your free

Visa/MasterCard credit card system merchant account. We have free equipment, low rates, a risk free program and great service and support. If you follow this achieved science, winning method you will be highly successful with this. We are expert, veteran qualified, well rounded experienced bankcard, merchant processing professionals. We will consult and train you to understand and reap all the financial rewards and increased profits associated with accepting all forms of payment. Including Visa/MasterCard, American Express and Discover. You will be able to accept any credit card on the planet for that matter.

This free program was designed to financially enhance your fiscal portfolio and augment your financial strategy. This should add greatly to your business success story. This is a step up to the next professional level; you want to grow and expand don’t you? Build your business and future; do not destroy it by rejecting any form of income or revenue. Let the power and popularity of Visa/MasterCard strengthen and fortify your financial business plan and solidify its monetary value.

You can call 1-847-263-1292 with any questions. Overnighted you’ll have your free system with free activation, free shipping and free training. All units come pre-programmed and we provide superior service free user training over the phone. Accept all the major credit cards, debit, gift & loyalty cards as well as process checks risk free via imager. Other Empowered Point of Sale, Inc. Bankcard Services Include:

FREE ATM machines, Smartphone Swipers, Virtual credit card systems on line, E-Commerce for websites, Wireless systems, Recurring billing for monthly receivables, Land lines with optional Check Guarantee Conversion, Xpress check, Gift and Loyalty cards, Contactless landline credit card systems, the Payroll card, Pre-paid debit card, Info-touch Bill pay services, Cash works, Check cashing service, the fund raising national discount card.

Empowered Point of Sale, Inc. is a ISO/MSP of Signature Card Services


  • Make a strong, professional impression
  • Create a powerful, established status
  • Accept any and all forms of payment
  • Wireless or landline
  • Nation wide GPRS coverage
  • FREE Shipping
  • FREE Activation
  • FREE Merchant Training
  • No upfront cash
  • No 48 month lease
  • No application fees
  • No service fees
  • No catches, commitment or risk
  • Toll Free 24/7 Tech/Customer Support
  • Online real-time Statements
  • Create convenient payment options

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