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Its now time to open the door to stronger sales, Grow your customer base and expand your business by accepting all credit and debit cards!

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Free Credit Card Processing Systems for All 300,000 NABBA Barbers & Salons

FREE! Credit card systems for all NABBA Barbers and Salons! Available to all 300,000+ Members!

The National Association of Barber Boards of America and Empowered Point of Sale, Inc.are very pleased to announce that all the NABBA barbers and hair salons can now receive FREE credit card systems! If your already processing credit cards let us analyze your current statement then lower your rates guaranteed with a brand new, state of the art, upgraded free credit card system!


Empowered Point of Sale, Inc. offers a full comprehensive line of free payment solutions. A innovative leader in the merchant processing industry since 1999. We offer all credit card, debit card and check acceptance for all types of businesses including all Traditional Retail Storefronts, Barber Shops/Hair and Nail Salons, Wireless, Service Industries, Mail Order/Telephone Order, Government Agencies, Hospitality/Hotel, Churches/Schools, Trade Groups/Associations, Supermarket/Grocery, Petroleum/Convenience Stores, Internet and Restaurants.

Empowered Point of Sale, Inc. offers a FREE comprehensive line of processing solutions including:


    Landlines with optional check guarantee imager

    Wireless systems for in the field transactions

    Electronic cash resisters POS systems for retail

    E-commerce for gateway website transactions

    Smartphone credit card swipers

    Virtual systems for keying in online

    Recurring billing for account receivables

    ATM machines
Get a FREE! credit card processing system or internet payment gateway when you sign up for a merchant account. Our credit card systems and payment gateways come fully programmed and ready to accept credit cards right out of the box. Our merchant accounts are the best value in payment processing with low, easy-to-understand rates that save you money. So whether you’re looking for retail credit card processing or internet credit card processing, we’ve got you covered.


Here is an opportunity for you to take part in Visa/MasterCard, Empowered Point of Sale, Inc. free giveaway program a total $1000.00 value. It’s absolutely free with no upfront or out of pocket cash, no four year lease with a 10% buyout, no application, activation or service fee’s. Visa/MasterCard has a proven science of adding strong cash flow with multiple revenue streams and increased profits that you’ll discover for your business. Even the shipping, installation and training is free. Other free benefits include ongoing support 24/7, 365 days a year. GAA (Global access advantage) allows you a free online status report of your processing anytime.

The National Association of Barber Boards of America endorses and highly recommends this great free opportunity to all its members. Please contact Empowered Point of Sale, Inc. today to get started!

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